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Generating the images

Davide Cervone, one of the authors of the original Providence exhibit, produced the new hypercube-related materials and recreated for the Portuguese exhibit almost all of the original objects, scenes and moving sequences, now using only Geomview and StageTools, a suite of powerful Geomview modules he has developed for the creation and visualization of mathematical objects.

Using those new algorithmic descriptions, Davide Cervone and the company Arte Numérica have generated most of the still images and the movies now presented. Only a few images from the original set, generated for the Providence exhibit, were now directly used: the "Exponential Tetraview", the "Evolute Stripes" and some instances of the "Klein Bottle" and the "Temple of Viviani".

[Screenshot: gimp on Linux]Arte Numérica has predominantly used free software, running on Debian GNU/Linux systems, for the production of exhibit materials and their computer presentation (live, CD-ROM, and on the WWW): Geomview with StageTools, ImageMagick, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, the NetPBM tools and the Berkeley MPEG tools, among many others.